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As a child, I had hay fever that plagued me year-round. I had asthma that would come on from running, or mowing the lawn, or in the middle of the night for no reason. I had diarrhea daily.

I was anxious, depressed, and I hated having to sleep in beds at friends’ houses because my skin would itch in the night, I would scratch and there would be spots of blood on the sheets in the morning. Talk about embarrassing. And I hated the medications I had to take, because they made me feel jittery and on-edge.

I always wanted to be a doctor. I found Chinese medicine at the age of 18, and loved that I could stay out of the hospital and didn't have to take the Western medications.

In 2001, I graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, having also completed an internship in China, and became a licensed acupuncturist.

But even with all the Chinese medicine treatment I got, there were still some health problems that hung around.

One day I mentioned this to my friend who is also an acupuncturist. He advised me to change my eating in a certain way. I was amazed to see that my remaining health problems started to disappear, some of them in just a few days! After living for years at what I had told him was “about 80% of my optimal health,” I was suddenly living at 95-98% of my optimal health.

Now, it may not sound like that much, but feeling that amount of difference was amazing.

After I adjusted my diet, I was able to easily complete my household chores each day, run my business, take care of my 2-year-old daughter and spend time with friends and family without ever needing to take a nap.

I didn’t need to run to the bathroom all the time, it didn’t matter if the neighbors were cutting their grass, I was sleeping through the night routinely, and the anxiety and depression lifted completely!

In the decade since then, I have been able to keep my health in excellent condition. I observed the effects of diet on my health, worked with my patients, and sought outside resources to understand why these changes made such a profound difference.

Based on my experience and study, I have developed the Nutrition Revolution System that I can share with anyone, whether you are a beginner at learning about nutrition or if you’ve been careful about your eating for decades.

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